Reflets values

Reflets values is an online store for vintage, second hand & upcycling items. Our values are:

-Taking care of you
-Taking care of us
-Taking care of the earth  

We are always looking for the best materials. We prefer natural materials like wool, linen and silk, to make sure that our cloths feel good on your skin. When choosing materials, we also look into the purpose of the item. We think the best material for individual item is the one that ensures its longest use.  

Made in
We are trying to keep our store as sustainable as possible. We prefer vintage & second hand clothes and objects that are manufactured in Europe, mostly Finland, France & Italy or USA.

We are always looking for vintage & second hand clothes by brands that are sustainable. We also try to select clothes from brands that serve quality items and there for ensure good value and long life for the clothes.

We always try to select our items in the best possible condition to avoid return and to make sure our products are used and loved.

Cardboard boxes used in shipping are 100% recycled material.  

Upcycling production
All of our own products are hand made in Finland with 100%-woman power. We try to use sustainable & upcycled materials as much as possible.




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