"Hand-crafted treasures, made from sustainable sourced materials and unique vintage pieces, all handpicked."

Reflets is a Finnish brand born in Helsinki and founded by Lotta Luostarinen in 2018. 

Reflets offers unique collection of vintage clothings and accessories. From our store you found also a hand-crafted collection of accessories. All treasures are made hand-made in Finland with best quality sustainable materials. All vintage items in store have been handpicked from different corners of Finland and Europe. 

Our mission is to offer both feminine and masculine aesthetics to a woman that wishes to feel unique and comfortable in her everyday life, wearing a vintage piece of clothing or a unique locally made accessory. We encourage women to combine timeless classics and lively colors to unique vintage pieces, to create a personal style of their own.

Our collection suites women who are quality-conscious, women who prefer ten timeless to a hundred trendy dresses, women with an unmistakable style that reflects an extraordinary life and belief in slow-fashion.

Our hand-crafted accessory collection reflects the same mindset by offering unique pieces inspired by vintage materials. Velvet and silk are the designer's favorites, not only for its touch but also for its quality and natural beauty. Collection is hand made in Finland.

All in all, these pieces of clothing and accessories can have thousands of lives, and the history of each piece is and will be extraordinary.