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Refletstudio is a social community where common values are shared. Together we create a sustainable online platform gathering brands specialised in handcrafts, recycling & vintage items.

Refletstudio offers a curated collection of vintage & secondhand clothes, accessories and home objects. We are always looking for vintage & secondhand clothes by brands that are sustainable. We also try to select clothes from brands that serve quality items, and therefore ensure good value and long life for the clothes. All items are handpicked. 

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All we want this season is Vintage & secondhand. Shop latest drop.

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We believe in sustainability. Refletstudio is a community that represents brands that share common values. Brands featured in Refletstudio are focused in sustainability, handcrafts and upcycling.


Is this your future vintage? When buying something new, buy gems that can last for a lifetime. 

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"Hand-crafted treasures, made from sustainable sourced materials and unique vintage pieces, all handpicked."
This was the idea in the beginning. Read Reflets magazine for more stories.

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Reflets-studio.com is an online store for vintage, secondhand & sustainable fashion. Read more about us in Reflets magazine.