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"After learning that traditional pantyhose are petroleum products planned for obsolecence, we started Swedish Stockings with the mission to change and influence the entire hosiery industry." -Swedish stockings


Swedish stockings is a sustainable hosier brand from Sweden. Their products are made with recycled nylon and recycled yarn. Their factories engage in sustainable practises including the use of environmentally friendly dyes, post-dyeing water treatment and the use of solar power for much of the energy needed in the manufacturing process.

"These harmful practices in the fashion industry are all too common. We believe the world needs more innovative and environmentally conscious products to lead the way, and so Swedish Stockings was launched." -Swedish stockings 

"We are in love with Swedish stockings hosiers, and way of thinking. These ladies are ambitious and on the right path. I can easily use Alice cashmere tights all day, as a hosier (and pants). Doris dots tights are a must when wearing a vintage dress, as their are perfect during day and night." -Lotta, Refletstudio 

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Refletstudio added Swedish stockings hosiers to their selections in 2020 as part of their new brand.