About Reflets

In 2019, Finnish stylist Lotta Luostarinen decided to join the forces to create her vintage & secondhand store Reflets studio, the french word for reflections. 

With her passion towards old clothes, she started to see more and more reflections from the past in the modern fashion industry. With a minute, she decided to create her own line called Reflets. Reflets offers small collections of accessories and clothes, made as much as possible with upcycled, leftover and recycled materials. All items are unique. 

Reflets is handmade and responsible, moreover, it is handmade in Finland. 

Women that wear Reflets like fashion and art; they value the eclectic uniqueness of its designs and the exclusivity of a quality piece; Reflets is open to any person that wants to strenghten their awareness of being them selfs and differentiate from the rest.